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24 hours a day, 7 days per week - anyone, anywhere can instantly submerge themselves in their brand. That’s powerful!


Proudly connected with some of the largest Sports, Food, Fashion, Film, Medical, Engineering, and Property brands in the world.


From around 200,000 users in 2014 to a projected 90 million in 2017, this represents a 450 fold increase.


From 360 tours to live events, experience reality from wherever you choose to be, in glorious virtual high definition.


Firstly, VR and 360 content is a new and exciting platform to communicate with your audience, but it also provides something more; this is a unique opportunity to submerge your audience and engage them with your brand like never before!


VR has many marketers spooked. It is something new that requires a unique and detailed strategy to ensure success for their clients. It is very easy to make VR a gimmick – it takes careful planning, story-boarding and audience profiling to get it right, but when you do, the results are magical!


Before they begin any story-boarding or strategizing, 3D Redshift must first understand your brand and your objectives.


3D Redshift prides themselves on getting to know what makes your brand unique.  By starting with a ‘creative thinking’ workshop, they begin to create a visual narrative around your brand and allow you to tell your story. This is also their platform to profile your audience so they can establish how best to communicate with them.

Tomorrow’s Marketing, Today.

  • They will then look to develop a script containing descriptive text and visual references as well as text for the voice-over artist or actors.

  • Once the first stage is signed off they would proceed to create a storyboard of what they intend to create; this stage is important to lock down all visual aspects of the content.

  • The next stage is the production of the video, followed by post production where the magic happens.

  • Finally, they utilise proven digital lead generation and customer profiles to deliver your content.

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How can 3D Redshift help you?

Contact 3D Redshift today to learn how they can assist you in achieving your goals and engaging your customers like never before.

The main advantage of VR, AR and 360 marketing remains the immersive, inclusive and engaging environment in which to capture your audience and share your brand in a fun, engaging and unrivalled way.


Will your customers need to wear a headset?

No. Although wearing a headset can greatly improve the experience, audiences can view the content in a variety of ways – smartphones, tablets or browser based.

Streaming of live events, 360 tours, educational tips, medical lectures and much more. All of this, combined with the likes of Facebook and other social media platforms quickly adapting to facilitate the use of 360 content, guarantees it won’t be too long before we see VR Facebook adverts etc.


Since the beginning of time, the world has been blessed with technological advancements like radio, TV, electricity, films, and more recently wireless, HD, Ultra HD, 360 and VR. We look forward to guiding you through the future of marketing and advertising.

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We look forward to guiding you through the future of marketing and advertising.

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